High Frequency Data

George Hammond, Ph.D. Director of the Economic and Business Research Center
Jennifer Pullen, Senior Research Economist

Non-Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rate February 2021

The Tucson Metropolitan Statistical Area's (MSA) non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 7.2% in February. That was a slight increase from 7.1% in January. However, Tucson's unemployment rate was down substantially from a high of 12.8% last April. Tucson's unemployment rate in December fell towards the high-end when compared to peer metropolitan areas. Salt Lake City posted the lowest unemployment rate at 3.6%, two percentage points below Austin. Las Vegas's unemployment rate continues to outpace other western MSAs at 9.3% but has rebounded significantly from a high of 34.0% last April. Nationally, the non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 6.6% in February. The metropolitan area unemployment rates for March will be available in late-April. 

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