Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The City of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the county seat of El Paso County, Colorado, and has the second highest population in the state. It is the primary city of the Colorado Springs MSA, located in east central Colorado, south of Denver. Colorado Springs is on eastern edge of the southern Rocky Mountains, near the base of Pikes Peak. The Colorado Springs MSA includes El Paso and Teller counties.

The Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) is a collaboration of five regional governments (Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, El Paso County, Green Mountain Falls, and Ramah) to work on roadway improvements and public transit. The 2010 Census population of participating regions was 587,687. More than half of the PPRTA funding is allocated to capital transportation projects.

Residents of non-participating municipalities pay the PPRTA sales tax increment when they shop in areas which collect the tax, with the notable exception of vehicle purchases (which are taxed by place of residence of the purchaser).

A 2004 ballot initiative for capital projects was extended in 2012, from 2015 to 2024, for the PPRTA by a great majority of the voters.


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Colorado Springs, CO