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The MAP Dashboard is the product of a partnership between the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, and The University of Arizona. The mission of the MAP Dashboard is to measurably improve Southern Arizona through data driven collective civic action and education. Below you will find information pertaining to each partner and their contributions to the MAP Dashboard.

Economic and Business Research Center, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona

The Economic and Business Research Center (EBRC) maintains, updates, and administers the MAP Dashboard website.  EBRC provides the Arizona community of business and public-sector decision makers with applied research and information on economic, demographic, and business trends in Arizona. EBRC conducts research in many different areas, including regional economic and revenue forecasting, border and regional development, economic impact studies, public finance and taxation, industry studies, environmental/sustainable economics, and renewable energy. In addition, EBRC responds to requests for information from the public about data resources and the best practices in the use of economic data as it pertains to Arizona.

Southern Arizona Leadership Council

The Southern Arizona Leadership Council (SALC) is a dynamic organization of more than 120 business and community leaders.  SALC mobilizes business, civic, and political leaders as well as the community at large to take action on strategic policies and critical issues facing our region and state.  SALC succeeds through collaboration bringing together resources and leadership to develop and drive policy solutions that enhance prosperity and provide a high quality of life for all who live in Greater Tucson, Southern Arizona and the State of Arizona.

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona provides expertise and skilled guidance to help donors give back in ways that are aligned with their charitable and financial goals. Donors establish charitable funds that join hundreds of other funds under one organizational roof and every year, portions of each fund are used to make grants, scholarships, and awards in accordance with each donor’s intentions.  The Board of Trustees oversees the Foundation’s growing community endowment and ensures that donors’ intentions are honored now and forever.

Major Funders of MAP

The MAP partners would like to thank the funders of this project, without their contributions this project would not be possible.  

Platinum Sponsors:

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

Diamond Ventures

Freeport McMoran

Southern Arizona Leadership Council

The University of Arizona

Tucson Electric Power

Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation


Gold Sponsors:

Ashland Group

Cox Communications

McMiles Family Fund

Tucson Foundations

Wells Fargo


Silver Sponsors:

BFL Ventures

Holualoa Companies

Jewish Community Foundation

Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona

PICOR Commercial R/E